GEMEXP(1) General Commands Manual GEMEXP(1)

gemexpexport a directory over Gemini

gemexp [-hRV] [-d certs-dir] [-H hostname] [-p port] [directory]

gemexp exports the given directory over the Gemini protocol. It's intended to be used interactively mostly for testing purposes, for a full-fledged daemon look for gmid(8).

The arguments are as follows:

Directory where certificates are stored. By default is $XDG_DATA_HOME/gemexp, i.e. ~/.local/share/gemexp.
The hostname to use, localhost by default. Certificates for the given hostname are searched inside the certs-dir specified with the -d option. The certificate files are named hostname.pem and hostname.key and are implicitly generated if not found.
, --help
Print the usage and exit.
The port to bind to, 1965 by default.
Generate an RSA key instead of an EC one.
, --version
Print the version and exit.
The root directory to serve, or the current working directory if not specified.

gg(1), gmid(8)

gemexp uses the “Flexible and Economical” UTF-8 decoder written by Bjoern Hoehrmann.

The gemexp program was written by Omar Polo <>.

October 18, 2023 OpenBSD 7.5